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As of today 6/27/20 I am announcing that I will be doing 1 on 1 personal and private coaching and mentoring!


Overcoming Blockages and Challenges in Finance, Health and Success

Many people are experiencing many blockages and challenges in their life in their finances, health, success and in accomplishing the things their goals and objectives.

No you are not cursed, nor are their negative spirits, jinn or entities (as we were taught) causing these issues.

Many of the blockages, challenges and failures in achieving goals and objectives is the result of mental programs that were installed in us as children and young adults by parents, family, school, religion and bad experiences.

Because these mental programs run in the background unconscious to us, we don’t see that it is these programs running in the background that are actually what blocks our finance, causes ill health, and sabotages our efforts in achieving success in attaining certain goals and objectives.


The System of Programming and Re-programming the Mind Called I Created Called “OCCOULIA”

As many of you know, based on certain revelations I received as a result of going on vision quests in 2007 and 2011, I developed a system called OCCOULIA which is a programming language used to not only program and re-program yourself but what we call “reality” as well. Read the book “Secret of Secrets”which will be FREE this Sunday and FREE from July 8th forward.

Using OCCOULIA I overcame the mental programs I was running that caused me to self sabotage my own finances. I also used OCCOULIA to beat diabetes which we are taught is un-curable and which you have to take medicines for the rest of your life for. I beat it without taking any medication once.

Just like a computer, we run many programs in the background which we are unaware of. If you press the keys “Ctrl + Alt + Delete” at the same time (on windows) the task or program manager will pop up (Application Manager on Mac OS). Under processes you will see all of the programs your computer is running. You will notice that most of them you are not aware of because they are running unannounced and in the background.

Our mind is running programs in the background unannounced and which we are unaware of. These programs are usually triggered when we want to improve our finance, improve our health, achieve success, etc. Often time they thwart or cause us to sabotage our own selves.

These mental programs function like computer viruses. The good news is not only can they be modified or stopped, they can even be uninstalled and destroyed using OCCOULIA.

With OCCOULIA you can not only modify, stop or uninstall old virus-like mental programs, you can create new programs and run those programs to change your life and reality for the better.

FREE “Secret of Secrets” book and more information here:



Many “Neotypes” are having a hard time dealing with “this world.” Remember, a “Neotype” is one who does not fit in with the 9-5 matrix, and knows that there are greater things they are supposed to be doing, but may not know exactly what it is or where to even start. I can help you find out who you are, what is your purpose, what it is you should be doing and how to put together a plan to be the person you are meant to be!


1 on 1 Business, Internet and Technology Caoching and Mentoring as Well!

I will also be coaching and mentoring in a number of other areas rangin from teaching you how to create your own websites, internet marketing, to how to use technology and the internet effectively to help you achieve your goals and objective.

In short, I will be sharing and teaching all the things I have learned to help you overcome obstacles, find out who you are, and achieve success in your goals and objectives.

Go here for a list of coaching and mentoring in these areas:


Why Personal Coaching and Mentoring Now?

Many of my students have been requesting that I do personal 1 on 1 coaching and mentoring because there are many personal issues and challenges they are dealing with which they do not want to bring up in a public class setting with other people present.

I love teaching groups both large and small and have been for many over 30 years. I also have been doing personal 1 on 1 coaching and mentoring for over 30 years (un-officially). Personal I find 1 on 1 coaching and mentoring to be the most rewarding and gratifying. It also produces the most powerful and long lasting results. Most millionaires, billionaires and successful people will tell you that having a personal coach and mentor was a key factor in their success.

Those who know me know that I am sincere and trustworthy. I will give all I have to help and assist you with the vast knowledge and experience I have been blessed with regarding life, internet and technology.


Schedule and How it Works

As of today you can schedule a private 1 on 1 session with me in any 30 minute or 1 hour time slot:

Days: Monday – Friday

Times: 12 Noon – 12 Midnight EST.

How it works:
 I use a program called “Teamviewer” which not only allows us to talk to one another, but also allows us to share screens so that I can present things to you on my screen or show you how to do things on your computer (like design websites etc) while you watch your screen. I can even video record our sessions! Also, “Teamviewer” will allow me to send you files. I have a collection of over 20,000 books which I will share with you during our sessions.

In doing personal coaching and mentoring I will be with you for the long haul, even for life. The bottom line is I will be your personal coach and mentor,


I am here for You!


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Go here for a list of all coaching and mentoring areas:


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